200 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program


Held here at Yoga Factory & Fitness
15481 SW 12th St Suite 300
Weston, FL 33326

Factory Teacher Training with Sean Greentree!

We are super excited to incorporate these unique and talented teachers into our new teacher training at YFF! We will be providing every student with a new and complete well rounded, educational experience. Each student will gain more insight and excellence from these teachers who master and specialize in their specific areas. If you want to deepen your yoga practice or want to learn how to practice your yoga on and off your mat…THIS WILL BE A TEACHER TRAINING YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS!

Uncover your true self and find a path to inner freedom! Inspire others to be awesome and feel good!
Overcome self-limiting beliefs!
Learn how to discover your own inner  warrior and help others find theirs!
It’s time to do YOGA TEACHER TRAINING! This training will help you discover a deeper understanding of yourself and others. It is truly life changing!

  • Advance your practice, Build confidence & Explore personal growth.
  • Empower yourself through our comprehensive curriculum.
  • Explore proper alignment, anatomy, philosophy & major fundamentals.
  • Master skillful sequences, flows & modifications.
  • Learn how to market yourself as a leader in the industry.
  • Learn the business end of the yoga industry.

 Our comprehensive curriculum includes:

Proper Alignment principles
Yamas & Niyamas
Intellectual sequencing
Private Yoga
Marketing yourself
Business of yoga
Yoga & Life Coaching

Teacher Training Session

A 6 Week Training

March 4 – April 12
9am – 2pm Mon – Fri

Who this training is for:

This essential teacher training is for anyone who is ready to make their passion into a professional reality.

Our approach to the content honors all aspects of the yoga worlds, all styles and philosophies.

The teacher trainings empowered by Yoga Factory keep safety to the forefront, honoring the first principle of Yoga – Ahimsa, do no harm – Aspiring yoga teachers will leave knowing the four principles of the practice: Foundation of the Base, Press & Rebound, Law of Compensation and Dual Action, to correctly teach students each posture.

You will also learn about the 5 T’s for teachers: Timing, Tone, Technical, Transitions and Theme.


as each individual breaths thru their practice they can feel their bodies come alive and their hearts open. The practice becomes a meditation in motion and a means to deeply explore their lives and the way they handle themselves on and off the mat. We believe that the 200 hours is a stepping stone into a life of purpose, connection and heart; what comes next is the result of opening up to your own power!