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Phylice Kessler Weston Aventura

My Signature Teaching Style is a dynamic fusion vinyasa flow, that’s empowering, inspiring, fun, spiritual and life changing.I believe that yoga sparks a fire of transformation in everyone. It may be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or a combination of all these elements. I want my students to feel comfortable, have fun and express themselves freely. I want to help them create a new relationship between themselves and their bodies and a new internal dialogue that is loving and supportive. I create a no zone, no judgement, no criticism, no expectations, just breath and movement to explore the nuances in their bodies and cultivate a supportive spirit. My teaching style weaves inspiration, enthusiasm, playfulness, and fun throughout the dynamic fusion vinyasa practice with great music, intelligent sequencing and a beautiful combination of philosophy, coaching, healthy alignment all tied together with love and support.

Phylice Kessler, MS, CPT, RYT 500 is an acclaimed Master yoga instructor and  fitness professional in the South Florida area. She incorporates her Masters Degree in Mental Health to create a personal style of teaching, training and Life Coaching.


Ellenit Serrano Weston

Ellenit is a RYT 500 Certified Yoga instructor and has been teaching in the Weston and Cooper City area for over three years.

Becoming an instructor was an unexpected part of Ellenit’s personal evolution given that she has a full-time career in the Financial Services industry.  However, Ellenit is passionate about Yoga and after embarking on a teacher training for personal enrichment purposes she realized she wanted to help others along their individual Yoga journeys.

Over time, Ellenit realized there is more harmony than expected between her two “perceived” opposing worlds and she launched her “Yoga to Lead” program.  Today she uniquely integrates the yin and yang of her corporate and yoga roles to teach and inspire both “on” and “off” the mat.

Christine Lewis

Christine Lewis

My Yoga journey began in 2002 when I realized the powerful physical and spiritual transformation that occurs through the Yoga practice. I began teaching Yoga in 2009 to encourage students to embrace the power of positive thinking to create a loving relationship with their Self on the Yoga mat, knowing that Self-love enhances their contribution to their communities and to the global collective consciousness. Yoga transformed my life over the last decade by strengthening my sense of Self and my physical body, so I am inspired by my own spiritual evolution to share the gift of Yoga with the world.

I purposefully structure the sequencing of postures during each class to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit by addressing all imbalances and discomfort in the body to relieve pain, tension, and anxiety. The Vinyasa flow I share with students uses the power of the breath to stimulate the Chakras by combining the physically rigorous practice of the yoga asanas with a mental “work-in” that purifies and reinvigorates the soul. The Raja Deep Stretch Meditation class guides students through hip and shoulder opening sequences on the floor to permit gravity to do the physical work in relieving tension in the body while the student is free to close their eyes and vacation in the playground of the mind. Every year I lead life-shifting Yoga retreats in magnificent locations around the world that inspire participants to live a life defined by extraordinary happiness while making positive transformations in their daily lives and relationships.


Danielle Petrie Weston

Teacher Trainings include her 200 hr Sivananda training and her 500 hr Hatha based training with Mary Hohmann’s Yoga and Beyond

Danielle has always had a very physical upbringing. She started her dance training at the age of three studying ballet and modern. Danielle was always into health and fitness. Being an avid runner she found herself in her first yoga class at the age of 16 and fell in love. Knowing right away she wanted to teach, she started her trainings in 1999 and 2000. Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL she taught allowed town at various studios and health clubs. Danielle believes yoga is beneficial for everyone at any age or fitness level. Danielle has created a yoga therapy for women who were post tramatic stress disorder, as well as creating a kids yoga program at her children’s school. Being an active mother of two yoga helps her juggle her fast passed life forcing her to slow down and pay attention. Danielle’s class is an uplifting, energizing, physical practice that will challenge the body as well as mind. The class is designed to help you find strength and grace. Danielle reinforces mindfulness more than anything.


Sean Greentree Weston Aventura

200 hour ryt under Bea Raydo. several hundred hours of asana and meditation in Rishikesh India. Practicing Breakdance Parkour Martial Arts as well as multiple other competitive sports. I am very familiar with movement especially expressive movement. I originally began to practice yoga in 2010 to work through some sports injuries. I found that not only was I able to work through these pains, but also strengthen them find once again my alignment. More important then the healing is the expansion of presense that already was within me.

Yoga compliments all of my other “play”, but this is all a side effect from the breathe and the presence that we focus on during our asana or Mindful Moving Meditation. With a class influenced by Raja Ashtanga Hatha Yin you will open all energetic channels in the body, and working with the breathe will bring you ever more present. I am honored to guide and practice with my students.

Marcie Siegel Weston

Marcie received her 200 hour teacher training in Hatha Yoga through Aananda
Incorporated with comprehensive studies in Anatomy and Physiology, Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy. She is certified with Yoga Alliance and Yoga fit. To find balance.

Marcie started practicing yoga over 15 years ago. The health and healing qualities She acquired through her practice where enlightening and gave her a desire to expand her knowledge in Yoga and Meditation. “Yoga has brought a sense of harmony, strength and peace to my body and soul. It’s essence has totally changed my life.”
CPR Certified


Jenna Bey Weston

Jenna began her yoga journey in 2002 after the birth of her third child. She was drawn to the athleticism, strength and grace of the practice. Yoga has helped her learn presence, patience, how to breathe, to listen to her body and self-love. She has been teaching various fitness classes for over a decade and in 2015, received her 500 RYT certification from the Prana Lab in Weston in order to share her practice with others. Jenna teaches an approachable but challenging alignment-based flow. Students are empowered to explore practices that fit their bodies rather than conforming to external ideas about what a posture should look like.


Catherine Remotti Weston

Catherine discovered yoga in 2006, yoga was a way to seek and grow her spirituality. Catherine’s practice evolved as she began to explore different avenues of yoga after completing her RYT-200 Aananda-inspired Teacher Training. She is a certified Reiki practitioner and Vedic Thai Body Worker. She leads a breath-focused class that combines her deep love for alignment and awareness with the practice of yoga. In her classes students learn to surrender their divine self within by releasing energy that no longer serves the body, mind and soul. Catherine is continually inspired by yoga’s transformative power both internally and externally, and finds it to be a source of self-love and strength. As a avid outdoor sports and physical training lover, she uses a regular yoga practice to benefit her active lifestyle and mental focus. She strives to bring a sense of freedom and empowerment to her classes, and hopes to impart nuggets of mystical wisdom along the way.


Paula Goldstein Weston

Originally from Chile, Paula Goldstein is a certified Personal Trainer and 500 hour RYT instructor.  She has a Bachelor and Master’s degree in psychology and has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor.  She’s a Certified Spin, TRX and Tondu Training Barre.  She discovered her love for Yoga 13 years ago and received her 200 hr certification in Sivananda Yoga.  She specializes in functional fitness, weight loss, and creative training formats for a variety of clientele.  “I believe that all forms of fitness, whether it’s Yoga or boot camp should be fun and light hearted. I pride myself with having having imaginative, playful, yet challenging classes.”

Krista R. Herrera Weston

In my heart and for as long as I can remember, I have been a teacher regardless of the content, the subject, or the age of the student. “Teaching is what I do and who I am. It has always been my inner calling.” A dedicated, conscientious teacher and fitness devotee, I strive to live an authentic life regardless of my circumstances.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Physical Education with an emphasis in anatomy and physiology and a Master’s Degree in Administrative Leadership. Additionally, and most importantly, I am a wife, a mother to three grown daughters and “Ammie” to six beautiful grandchildren! With my educational background and life experience, I have merged my love for life and wellness with my professional ability to guide others to become their personal best.

I am a 30 ‐ year educator and administrator who has always desired to teach, inspire and motivate others. Today, I use yoga as the medium to teach valued principles, not just poses. I believe “our yoga practice is a metaphor for everything we work through in life, ” and strive to emanate this through my practice and instruction.

Teaching yoga allows me to stay connected and open to what life has to offer. “It has taught me to breathe and to have a sense the all is well and as it should be.”

Brittany Murphy Weston

Brittany Murphy found her passion in yoga while studying Exercise Science and Health Promotion at Florida Atlantic University.  As she began to practice more and more, she realized that the yogic way of life had always been with her since she was a little girl and that yoga was her calling to help and share with others. She combines her spiritual connection with nature and the universe into her practice.  She has now been consistently practicing yoga for over six years, and has been All You Can Yoga Certified (RYT200) since 2015.  Brittany incorporates her background of Exercise Science to help others with correct alignment as well as strength and conditioning training into her Vinyasa-style classes.  Brittany promotes and practices self-love with her students.  She emphasizes the importance of this to her students by making them feel truly connected with their own essence and “one” with everything through her words and adjustments.  She encourages each student to listen to their body and become his/her own teacher.  She is constantly learning and absorbing yoga from self practice, students, and workshops.  Brittany loves the journey and loves to see herself and students evolving over time.  Her goal is to reawaken the emotional, spiritual, and physical body through a beautiful moving meditation. She believes the practice of connecting breath with movement will help us to heal and evolve over time.

Barbara Davison Weston

South Florida native, Barbara, discovered the benefits of yoga in 2009, during a time with high stress levels, as a full-time college student with a part-time job and social life. When she added yoga to her routine, her quality of life improved greatly. Yoga brought a deep sense of internal peace, Self-awareness, and connection. “What kept me coming back to the yoga practice, was experiencing first-hand my transformation, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I was becoming an even better version of myself.”

Barbara decided to delve deeper into the teachings of yoga, trained in Guatemala and South FL with shamans and like-minded yogis, and was certified in 2011 through the School of Yoga Institute. She feels blessed to be able to share the gift of yoga with the community. She offers a variety of styles, including yin, Vinyasa/Power, and Hatha classes. Barbara’s classes focus on alignment of the postures, Self-awareness & acceptance, and flowing with ease and playfulness. By using props in class daily, she makes postures more accessible, safe, and sometimes even more challenging for students of ALL levels.

Always a student, Barbara continues her yoga education, taking various courses like, Yoga for Athletes and Thai Yoga Massage. She believes that the practice goes way beyond the asanas (postures) and Yoga is a lifestyle. Barbara was a winner of Staples’ “Make Your Idea Happen” contest in 2014 and brings Yoga to private clients’ homes, offices, etc.

Alex Halenda Weston

When was the last time you took a deep breath? A moment ago? Or maybe you can’t quite recall. Bet you’re breathing deep now, after all, your attention is tuned to it. That’s where the magic of being guided resides, in your attention. Connect with Alex Halenda for a mindfully guided practice in movement, breath, alignment, and inner-awareness. With over 10 years experience in practice, 8 years in teaching, Alex leads classes in Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, and Pranayama. She consciously weaves each style together to suit your needs, and captivate your attention, leaving you with a heightened sense of self, from skin to soul. With precise verbal cuing, and optional hands-on assists, Alex lovingly seeks to enhance your skills.

Alex has studied with many teachers across the country, and various lineages. Spiritually inclined since early childhood, Alex is passionate about her personal and professional studies. In 2007 she expanded her love of yoga practicing Bikram Yoga with Afton Carraway. In 2008 she received her first 200hr RYT at Urban Ashtanga, with teachers Linda Walker, Krista Shirley, Steve Rubin, Greg Nardi, and Juan-Carlos Galan. In 2011-2012 she lived and worked at the Mount Madonna Center in Watsonville CA studying with the Guru, Baba Hari Das and his senior teachers. Following that experience she continued her studies with several peers turned mentors in Orlando FL, most pivotal in her growth were Kelly Senn, Alexandria McCoullough, and Lori Maiar. In 2015 Alex received her second 200hr RYT with Mark White at Mbody Yoga in Jacksonville, in Baptiste style Power Yoga. In 2016 she continued her studies with Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, and Suzanne Sterling in their “Off the Mat Into The World” Yoga and Activism training. Currently Alex resides here in Ft Lauderdale FL, where she is further developing her skills with our community.

Holly Sutter Aventura

Holly has completed a 200-hour teacher training with Bea Raydo E-RYT 500, and a 200-hour Kriya Yin training with Vikky Santana RYT 500. Additionally Holly completed a 40-hour In-depth Power Yoga Training Immersion with Bryan Kest. In Holly’s experience, her yoga practice is the catalyst that created a more peaceful mind state, and a healthier way of life that is more joyful, authentic and in alignment with her true self. As life often pulls us from our true selves, Holly’s ambition is to guide other people to see themselves and to find their own unique transformations. Her aim is to cultivate a more balanced, healthy lifestyle where we are less stressed, more connected, energized, compassionate and loving to ourselves and others.

Whether guiding students with awareness to there own degree in a deep stretch class, guiding students toward stillness in Kriya Yin class, mindfully connecting with students during a conscious flow, or guiding movement and breath awareness during a powerful, graceful flow Holly’s intention is to share with a loving spirit classes that benefits all levels. Body, spirit, emotion and mind are all aspects influenced by yoga practice, and everyone can receive the benefits if they practice with awareness to there own degree while honoring there own uniqueness.

Penny Itzkovits Aventura

I started my hot yoga yoga practice in 1997 after the birth of my first son, initially to lose the 60 pounds I had gained in pregnancy. My reasons shifted as I started to practice more regularly. I did lose the weight quickly and felt amazing physically, but that just became the bonus to the real good stuff that I was feeling. I was a high school special education teacher at the time, working with kids with high demands, physically and mentally in the public school system. Juggling my emotional work life, newly married, with a newborn, yoga became my place to unwind and find balance between all the things that mattered most to me as well as keeping my brain and body connected, healthy and strong.

I transitioned to teaching Hot Yoga in 1999 and found the place where doing what I loved made me feel like I never worked a day in my life since. I am an E-RYT 500 certified hot yoga instructor and practitioner who’s main purpose on and off the mat is to practice balance in my life and help guide others to practice that same balance, without frustration, with patience, while having fun.

Balance Is not a final goal, because it is an ongoing process. It can be fleeting, but it can reappear over and over. In yoga falling out is part of the learning process, learning where to shift in everyday life, that’s the real yoga. We shift all the time; where do I need to bring more attention? Who do I need to nurture? My family? My work? Myself? Where do I need to shift my weight? It’s ok if I fall, I’ll find the balance again, I’ll just keep practicing, even for the fleeting moment.

Hot Yoga can help us practice for the shifts, in and out of the yoga room, be healthy in our bodies, be clean, alive, and connected to each and every part of ourselves and others. Find the calm, be grounded, motivated, and peaceful, over and over again.  Simply put, practicing balance and sharing my own experiences and discoveries is my passion and philosophy on and off the mat.

Nataly Drăgoi Weston Aventura

As an itinerant scholar, Nataly Dragoi has traveled and studied her way across most of the globe. Originally from Romania, she continues to make her annual pilgrimage home, always eager to share the practice of Yoga with friends and family. She has been blessed with the opportunity to study from the best teachers in South Florida. Now with over 1,300 hours of certified training (and growing), her teachers include Vikky Santana, Beatriz Raydo, Jimmy Barkan, Paige Held, Kelly Green, and Philip Christodoulou.

Her Hatha classes are playful, sassy and heartening, using her massage therapy background to gift students with adept hands-on adjustments and therapeutic pressure points. She takes that same intensity into her Raja and Kriya Yin classes to go profoundly deep within the soulful depths of the ineffable Spirit.

Nataly’s mission and message in Yoga is to inspire others to be authentic, playful, and altruistic. She sees that when one has the courage to be themselves- genuinely and absolutely- they invariably give others permission to do the same.

Maleah Wilson Weston Aventura

Yoga stirred something deep inside me during my first class but it took years before I came to my mat regularly. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I found my practice. 75 minutes all to myself and a place where I didn’t have to think, about anything, it was heaven.

During my first 200 hour teacher training I injured my shoulder. I was told to “modify my practice where needed” and to “place my knees down during chaturanga”. Needless to say, those two pieces of advice did me no good because my shoulder was still pissed off. That fueled a desire to dig deeper into the lack of training and figure out what was going on in our physical bodies during a yoga asana class and why it took me a year to find a teacher who could help me. That is when the universe introduced my current teacher onto my path. She was able to explain to me why my shoulder was hurting and options on how to correct it. I became obsessed- how did no one else know this?

I base my practice and teachings on digging deep into the yoga culture and debunking typical teaching norms allowing people to explore their bodies and make wise choices for their practice based on the present moment. I find when students are given freedom to explore they begin to find what they were seeking. Applying yoga philosophies on our mat gives us the tools to pursue our yoga off our mats and apply it to everyday life. With sequences that provide thorough instruction and mindful movements we can get back to the truth of yoga.

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