Amy Baldacci

Amy Baldacci Weston Ft. Lauderdale

After her first class in 2013, Amy fell hard and fast in love with the practice of yoga and began teaching it the very next year. Since then, she has taught thousands of hours in group classes, workshops, private lessons, and more, and she has over 600 training hours for teacher development.

Amy’s main focus in any classroom is to hold a space where practitioners can feel free and safe to explore and develop their practice in whatever way is best for them.

You can expect to laugh a bit and sweat a lot in her vinyasa classes, find some meditative chill time in her yin and restorative classes, and just maybe find a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you in any class you take with her.

When she’s not teaching or practicing yoga, you can either find Amy on the beach with a good book, wandering out in nature, or relaxing at home with her wife, dog, and two cats.

Brittany Berrard

Brittany Berrard Ft. Lauderdale

Brittany is a certified Holy Fire Reiki Master, meditation teacher and yoga instructor. She has studied under various Reiki Masters, Spiritual Healers, and Mind-Body Connection Experts. Aside from teaching yoga, Brittany hosts special events/workshops around South Florida while also meeting with private clients and building her spiritual lifestyle brand. Her goal is to help others realize we all have all the powers we need inside of us. Brittany believes there are many healing modalities and wants to support others in finding what works best for them. By taking a heart-centered approach throughout her sessions, Brittany says she simply acts as a guide assisting you in stepping into your fullest and brightest potential.


Jenna Bey Scarberry Weston

Jenna began her yoga journey in 2002 after the birth of her third child. She was drawn to the athleticism, strength and grace of the practice. Yoga has helped her learn presence, patience, how to breathe, to listen to her body and self-love. She has been teaching various fitness classes for over a decade and in 2015, received her 500 RYT certification from the Prana Lab in Weston in order to share her practice with others. Jenna teaches an approachable but challenging alignment-based flow. Students are empowered to explore practices that fit their bodies rather than conforming to external ideas about what a posture should look like.

Riley Burns

Riley Burns Weston Ft. Lauderdale

Riley started teaching yoga as a teenager in South Florida, after getting her certification in Boynton Beach. Riley believes healing and growth starts from within, and looks to change what the view of ‘yoga’ is in the west.  She will guide you through a practice that is beyond the physical elements; combining music, alignment based cues, and thoughtful dharma, to take you through a spiritual journey.

Tazz Carter

Tazz Carter  Weston

TAZZ CARTER, Los Angeles, CA – native 35yrs old. I would call myself a movement enthusiast any extreme sport, and outdoor type of activity. A chef as well as a graffiti artist and all in between, I really enjoy building, tinkering and figuring things out. I’m only limited by my own mind, and I definitely test those limits daily to better myself in all possible ways.

I’m one of “those” that don’t require much rest. Since Jr. High, my motto has been “I’d rather be awake and bored, than sleep and miss something.” Yoga came into my life through personal training, and the only thing that was intense enough for me and at the same time helped me settle and calm my mind, and my breathing. I’ve never looked back and can’t imagine myself without yoga.

Karina Friedrich

Katrina Friedrich Ft. Lauderdale

Not necessary seeking to gain a yoga practice, Katrina came to find yoga through a friend that was “hooked” on it. After leaving her first class confused and exhausted, something kept drawing her back to her mat. The journey for most of us starts this way- Something sparks within us that we don’t know or understand.

Only a couple years later, Katrina received her 200 hr YTT certification and began teaching immediately. Being grateful for what yoga has done for you is something that is best spoken when you can give it back to a community, and that’s what Katrina’s classes are really about.

Focusing on keeping her students safe, the classes she offers focus on connecting to the breath and starting to develop a relationship with your body and spirit- Essentially, the most important relationship you may have in your lifetime.

The road of teaching is just beginning for her, and she is ready for all the growth to come!


Sean Greentree Weston Ft. Lauderdale

200 hour ryt under Bea Raydo. several hundred hours of asana and meditation in Rishikesh India. Practicing Breakdance Parkour Martial Arts as well as multiple other competitive sports. I am very familiar with movement especially expressive movement. I originally began to practice yoga in 2010 to work through some sports injuries. I found that not only was I able to work through these pains, but also strengthen them find once again my alignment. More important then the healing is the expansion of presense that already was within me.

Yoga compliments all of my other “play”, but this is all a side effect from the breathe and the presence that we focus on during our asana or Mindful Moving Meditation. With a class influenced by Raja Ashtanga Hatha Yin you will open all energetic channels in the body, and working with the breathe will bring you ever more present. I am honored to guide and practice with my students.

Alex Heitt

Alex Heitt Weston

Alex Heitt is a Mother of three beautiful children. She has been a Fitness Enthusiast for over a Decade with a background in Dance. While Teaching Zumba and Pilates, she fell in love with the Practice of Yoga and building strength and flexibility with integrity to the body. Her Classes are Music Infused and both challenging and Fun.
Her Passion lies in people finding FREEDOM in their Yoga Practice.

Trained in Mat Pilates as well as a Certified Piyo Instructor. Completed her 200 hours in through Non-Basic Teacher Training

Gaby Huerta Weston

In 2015, I walked into an ashram, not knowing anything about yoga, but looking for a new direction for my life. It was life-changing. From my first moments inside, I knew yoga and the yoga lifestyle were meant for me. I had come back to my source. I became a devoted practitioner of yoga – learning how to breathe on the mat and connect with my true self during meditation. I began to detach from the material and ego, dig deeper within and connect to my soul.

In 2019, I felt the call to teach yoga and began 200-hour training Through my teachers guidance, I gained a profound love for teaching yoga. Later in 2019, I completed my additional 300-hour training. Working with these teachers helped me gain a deep understanding of yoga, alignment and philosophy.


Sasha Jarufe Weston Ft. Lauderdale

About 10 years ago, during a time of depression and heartache, Sasha found her mat and her practice. About 4 years in, she left the restaurant industry she had committed to for 11 years and received her 200hr Vinyasa training with a focus on Iyengar. She’s since then been working on developing her own personal practice alongside her teaching. She took her journey abroad in Costa Rica & Colombia volunteering as a teacher, and receiving a Spanish yoga training which gave her the tools to bring the gift of yoga to more people around the world. She landed here in South Florida about 3 years ago from CT. Her classes are structured as a balanced flow, leading you up to a peak pose, connected with philosophy, dharma talk, focused on alignment, and peppered with hands-on adjustments. Her goal is to guide you to healing from within, giving you the tools to connect with your own intuition.

Rev Skip Jennings

Rev Skip Jennings Ft. Lauderdale

Rev. Skip Jennings is the Spiritual Director and Sr. Minister for Center for Spiritual Living Ft. Lauderdale, the co-host of “Voices of Unity” podcast on and the author of The Lotus Kitchen, Spirit Explosion and The Little Book for Big Transformations.  He is a graduate of the Michael B. Beckwith School of Ministry and the founder of Mind, Body, Spirit Solutions L.L.C.  Rev. Skip is a Yoga instructor, an energy healer and his expertise can be found on, and Insight Timer Meditation App. After a deep mind-body awaking in a yoga class in 1996, Rev Skip knew that he was called to teach the sacred practice.  With more than 500 hours of yoga and meditation training, hot yoga is his practice of choice. Rev. Skip counsels and coaches clients using his C.A.R.E.S. philosophy, which stands for Connection, Action, Remember, Empowerment, Self-Love transforms the planet one session at a time.

Amanda Milian

Amanda Milian Weston Ft. Lauderdale

Being a gymnast and competitive cheerleader, Amanda has been practicing flexibility, strength training, and movement since childhood. In 2011, her grandmother inspired her to try a Yoga class. The practice began to change the way she saw the world, and she knew she wanted to incorporate Yoga into her life as much as possible. She received her RYT 200 in Portland, Oregon in 2017 and she is passionate about sharing the practice with as many people as possible.

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy Weston

Brittany Murphy found her passion in yoga while studying Exercise Science and Health Promotion at Florida Atlantic University.  As she began to practice more and more, she realized that the yogic way of life had always been with her since she was a little girl and that yoga was her calling to help and share with others. She combines her spiritual connection with nature and the universe into her practice.  She has now been consistently practicing yoga for over six years, and has been All You Can Yoga Certified (RYT200) since 2015.  Brittany incorporates her background of Exercise Science to help others with correct alignment as well as strength and conditioning training into her Vinyasa-style classes.  Brittany promotes and practices self-love with her students.  She emphasizes the importance of this to her students by making them feel truly connected with their own essence and “one” with everything through her words and adjustments.  She encourages each student to listen to their body and become his/her own teacher.  She is constantly learning and absorbing yoga from self practice, students, and workshops.  Brittany loves the journey and loves to see herself and students evolving over time.  Her goal is to reawaken the emotional, spiritual, and physical body through a beautiful moving meditation. She believes the practice of connecting breath with movement will help us to heal and evolve over time.

Daniel Novoa

Daniel Novoa Weston Ft. Lauderdale

Daniel was first exposed to Yoga at university when a friend invited him to attend a class. He was instantly enamored, and quickly made Yoga a part of his fitness regime. Although initially drawn to the practice for the physical challenge and increased mobility – he began to notice change occurring on a more subtle level as well. The physical dimension is what opened the door, but beyond the threshold he discovered the profound mental and spiritual implications of Yoga. Eager to learn more, after graduating with a degree in Anthropology and Human Biology he traveled to Indonesia to study the Sri Vidya lineage of Yoga under master teachers from the Himalayan Institute. It was under these teachers that he gained 500hrs of training, recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Daniel spent a total of 2.5 years in Bali studying under his teachers, and eventually leading trainings of his own with their guidance. Since his departure from Bali, his quest to share Yoga with the world has taken him to throughout Asia, Australia, and North America. Currently residing in South Florida, Daniel still leads trainings and retreats internationally in addition to teaching Yoga and PIT at Yoga Factory. His teaching style is best described as the marriage between ancient wisdom, and the art of sharing it’s applications for our modern society.

 Mike Oliveira

Mike Oliveira Weston Ft. Lauderdale

Internationally trained and recognized by Yoga Alliance & Yoga Alliance of India , Mike has completed 700 hours of Transformational Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Paros, Greece as well as locally in Del Ray, Florida.  Under the guidance of Master Trainers, he was able to gain a deeper understanding of Yoga through the use of Pranayama, Meditation, and Asanas.  Combining ancient Pranayama techniques (breathwork) with invigorating Vinyasa sequences, Mike’s classes strive to establish the connection between our breath, physical movement, and inner awareness.  Yoga, the yoking of mind, body, and spirit is the aim of each class.


Christine Perez-Gray Weston Ft. Lauderdale

Christine found yoga in late 2005 when doing a self discovery of her spirit & seeking out life’s purpose.

It wasn’t until 2011 that she gave herself fully to what the practice of yoga & life style could do and allowed it to completely change her life.

Soon after Christine decided to follow her passion, become a yoga teacher, and help others transform their lives.

She received her 200RYT from Impower Yoga School/Yoga Factory & Fitness Studio in early 2017.
Christine teaches a variety of yoga styles and offers a class full of energy & spirit.


Catherine Remotti Weston

Catherine discovered yoga in 2006, yoga was a way to seek and grow her spirituality. Catherine’s practice evolved as she began to explore different avenues of yoga after completing her RYT-200 Aananda-inspired Teacher Training. She is a certified Reiki practitioner and Vedic Thai Body Worker. She leads a breath-focused class that combines her deep love for alignment and awareness with the practice of yoga. In her classes students learn to surrender their divine self within by releasing energy that no longer serves the body, mind and soul. Catherine is continually inspired by yoga’s transformative power both internally and externally, and finds it to be a source of self-love and strength. As a avid outdoor sports and physical training lover, she uses a regular yoga practice to benefit her active lifestyle and mental focus. She strives to bring a sense of freedom and empowerment to her classes, and hopes to impart nuggets of mystical wisdom along the way.

Amy Ross Ft. Lauderdale

Amy’s yoga journey began in 1992 in her native Miami, when by the encouragement of her mother, she attended an Ashtanga yoga class. She fell in love with the profound healing effect yoga had on her mind, body and spirit and began practicing regularly. A desire to study and understand yoga at its deepest level was born; This, combined with her passion to serve others, led Amy to become a certified yoga teacher. She holds an advanced yoga teacher training certification and frequently attends workshops to further her knowledge of the eight- limb path. With attention to alignment, beautifully sequenced postures, and killer music, Amy uses her energetic and compassionate spirit to safely guide students of all levels through a dynamic flow.

Jamie Sage

Jamie Sage Ft. Lauderdale

Jamie stared practicing yoga in 2006. As a half marathon runner, she initially practiced yoga to cross train. After a hip injury, she began practicing yoga every day to not only heal her body, but to stay strong through the process. The injury healed, her personal practice grew, and she became inspired to become a yoga teacher to help others. She’s still very much believes in continuing as a “student” of yoga, mentally and physically, and you’re likely to see her practicing at the studio too.

She trained with Jimmy Barkan, completing her 200 hr certification in 2015, and 500 hr certification in 2016. Her classes focus on clearing your head through physical postures, focusing on alignment, and opening the body and mind in the process.

Domingo Sanz

Domingo Sanz Ft. Lauderdale

Bio Coming Soon

Marcie Siegel Weston

Marcie received her 200 hour teacher training in Hatha Yoga through Aananda
Incorporated with comprehensive studies in Anatomy and Physiology, Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy. She is certified with Yoga Alliance and Yoga fit. To find balance.

Marcie started practicing yoga over 15 years ago. The health and healing qualities She acquired through her practice where enlightening and gave her a desire to expand her knowledge in Yoga and Meditation. “Yoga has brought a sense of harmony, strength and peace to my body and soul. It’s essence has totally changed my life.”
CPR Certified

Rachel Simons

Rachel Simons Ft. Lauderdale

Bio Coming Soon

Carolina Sosti

Carolina Sosti Weston

In 2000, while studying Art at the University of Incarnate Word, Carolina took her first yoga class.

With the guidance of Theodora Ruffner, she fell in love with the theory and practice of yoga, and continued returning to her mat.

Two years later she was asked to teach group classes at Hot Body Yoga in San Antonio,  which also lead to private and semi-private class instruction.

With a degree in Communications, Carolina dedicated most of her time to her career as a Television and Promotions Producer, but kept teaching yoga in her free time. The desire to improve her own practice has only continued to grow.

During the past 18 years she has expanded her practice to include several styles: Hatha, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, Jivamukti, Prenatal, and Vinyasa.

She loves the benefits of yoga, that positive feeling after practicing, so much that she wanted to share it with others.

Soon she felt the need to take her experience to the next level and decided to become a registered instructor, completing her 200-hour yoga certification at Synergy Yoga Center in Miami.

After years of teaching the need to deepen her knowledge grew and she took a 300hr certification at Yoga Renew, NY, becoming an E-RYT 500 hr.

Carolina is known for her calm teaching voice, grounding presence, and challenging Vinyasa sequences.

She hopes her students leave class with not only a sense of physical accomplishment, but with a smile on their faces, and positive intention.

Sheba Munn Thompson

Sheba Munn Thompson Ft. Lauderdale

Sheba was a successful media relations and marketing professional for more than 20 years before hanging up her business suit and trading it in for her yoga mat. Years of endurance training led to several debilitating injuries but her Jamaican upbringing and exposure to holistic health kept her off the operating table, seeking a more mindful and food conscientious approach to healing her body. As an avid runner always up on the latest fitness trends, Sheba tried her first 90-minute hot yoga class at the encouragement of a close friend. She immediately fell in love, learning to reengage her injured muscles and joints from a completely different perspective than what she had previously experienced.

Despite having a few physical limitations, Sheba continued to challenge her body in yoga, practicing on and off for more than 10 years. Motivated by her own journey, she retired her corporate career to create a new path earning a 200-hour RYT certification from the Yoga Joint—Hot Fusion Yoga™Flow—in her hometown Fort Lauderdale. She is passionate about promoting diversity and raising awareness of yoga’s mind, body and spiritual benefits in communities who might not have access or exposure to yoga. Sheba also hopes to inspire others who struggle with physical challenges, proving that yoga goes beyond a “fancy” pose.

Amanda White

Amanda White Ft. Lauderdale

Amanda credits her love for yoga and spiritual ways of living as a monumental and transformational point in changing her life. Replacing unhealthy habits with yoga helped her connect to the love for herself and others. In 2009 she gained her yoga foundation based on alignment and sequencing from Yoga South’s 200 Hour Teacher Training in Boca Raton, Florida. She continues to gain knowledge and inspiration from teachers all over the world. She understands that in order to be a teacher she must be a devotional and disciplined student as well.

Amanda teaches a physical and challenging practice that connects the body to the breath, mind, and spirit. She encourages her students to get quiet enough so they may go inward to examine their own thoughts. She believes each of our individual worlds is created by every one of our thoughts. If we can change and improve our thoughts to more loving, forgiving, and nurturing thoughts than our body and mind will reap the benefits. Amanda incorporates her spiritual experience into each session by challenging her student’s habits on the mat, which then reflect to the lives they live off the mat.

She challenges each of her students both physically and mentally while demonstrating love, patience, and encouragement.