Designed to give an individual a Power Interval Training that works the whole body in just a 30 minute class. This unique program will focus also on targeting a different body part each day giving the customer a full body workout throughout the week, This progressive program is designed for 4 days a week, Monday thru Thursday. Each class is designed to deplete each muscle group in a specific sequence while also getting a full body workout in just 30 minutes.  This PIT 30 Express will build slightly more intense as the weeks go until the month is complete while also rotating the teachers each month allowing you to switch up your routine for better results and growth. This system will continuously shock the body by not getting stuck in the same routine and teacher, giving you something new to look forward to each month. This series includes High Intensity Interval Training exercises that can be modified for all body types and are low impact using exercise tools such as weights, resistance bands and blocks, working all muscles including that core! During these 30 minutes you will be given many variations which are accessible to everyone! Come try this fun, quick class and watch your body transform!

PIT 30™